Meet our Take Back 2020 Team of Fitness and Wellness Experts

In the midst of this unpredictable year, we are going to take back 2020. But we aren’t doing it alone.

We’re teaming up with enthusiastic small businesses throughout the nation to reclaim our fitness and wellness goals with the Take Back 2020 Challenge. These small businesses are led by passionate experts with a wealth of knowledge they’re eager to share with you. While each expert is based in a unique location, their services are available worldwide.

The Take Back 2020 Challenge embraces five categories: Breathe, Empower, Adapt, Strengthen, and Transform. Each category has a list of challenges, and each challenge has options that vary in difficulty.

Looking to Breathe with meditation, stretching, or yoga? Strengthen with an ambitious push-up routine? Whichever of our 75 challenge options you choose, this is the team that will help you tackle them:

Forward Focus Running

Coach Katie racing professionally

Founder Katie Kellner will provide us tips to get through the cooking challenge, planks, and meditation. Coach Katie has a Master’s degree in Public Health, is a two-time U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier, and coaches runners of all abilities.

You might even want to challenge Coach Katie to separate plank challenge — she has been known to hold a plank for 30 minutes while reading a good book.

FUEL Wellness

  • Location: Metro Detroit
  • Specialty:  Mindset and wellness coaching, yoga instruction
  • Website:

FUEL Wellness coach Melissa Fabiano

FUEL Wellness founder Melissa Fabiano is on a mission to share her experiences and knowledge around mindfulness, healthy exercise, holistic nutrition, and personal development. Melissa will help us conquer the Breathe category with yoga, meditation, and stretching tutorials.

Stay tuned, as Melissa will also be hosting an exclusive giveaway for her 8-week virtual yoga program.

The Performance Project 

Dr. Rebecca of The Performance Project

Dr. Rebecca of the Performance Project has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Wisconsin, and a PhD in Exercise Science from the University of Cape Town. She specializes in program design for runners, swimmers, and triathletes. Dr. Rebecca was a national-level swimmer in the USA, and was world ranked in the 1500m freestyle. She began coaching in 2008 after retiring from swimming, and started competing in running and triathlon.

Dr. Rebecca is providing tutorials for HIIT workout and strength exercises in our Strengthen and Adapt categories. Triathletes and swimmers, there will be a special video for you with strength, mobility, and stability exercises.

Run Lift Mom

  • Location: Fayetteville, NC
  • Specialty: Running, lifting, and motherhood community building
  • Website:

Suzy Goodwin of Run Lift Mom

Suzy Goodwin, founder of Run Lift Mom, is a military spouse, podcast host, triplet mom, and former Guinness World Record holder for fastest 13.1 miles while pushing three children in a stroller. You might recognize her as one of our inaugural race ambassadors.

Suzy is providing video tutorials to guide you through our Strength category.

Team Wicked Bonkproof 

Coach Johnny Crain of Team Wicked Bonkproof

Head Coach Johnny Crain trains runners of all abilities, from couch-to-5k athletes to multiple 2:16 marathoners. Coach Johnny is a three-time Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier, professional runner for On ZAP Endurance, and 2019 Elliptigo World Champion. He’s ready to help you through our planks, squats, lunges, weights, and stretching challenges with helpful video tutorials.

No weights at home? One of Coach Johnny’s videos will guide you through a strength routine with household items like laundry detergent, kitchen chairs, towels, and toilet paper.

Uplyft Fitness 

  • Location: Metro Detroit
  • Specialty: Fitness and life coaching
  • Website:

Laurie Moro of Uplyft Fitness

Laurie Moro, owner of Uplyft Fitness, is a licensed and board certified athletic trainer with over 18 years of experience in helping people improve their fitness. Uplyft Fitness specializes in coaching women 40+, but also serves men and women of other ages.

Uplyft Fitness is providing strength training videos and goal writing guides to help you tackle our Strength and Empower categories. If you complete the goal setting challenge, you can enter a raffle giveaway with Uplyft Fitness by tagging them on social media or emailing them your completed goal writing guide. Details for this contest will be included in the virtual race packets.

Which expert are you most excited to learn from? Join this star-studded team in the Take Back 2020 Challenge while registration is still open.

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