Triad Club Cup Challenge

To fuel your naturally competitive nature, we will have a Club and Corporate Cup Challenge for all of our events this year! So if you think your running (or other athletic) club or company can beat all the others in the triad, step up to the plate – or starting line, as it were – to take on the challenge. Here’s how it works:

  1. When you register for any of our events, join your club or corporate team (you must be an employee of the corporation or family member, or a current club member of whichever team you join)
  2. Finish the race to get a point (the more people from your team show up, the more points you get!)
  3. Place in your age group for even more points!
  4. At the end of the year we will announce the winning team and host a party to award them the cup, which they will get to display proudly throughout 2024!
  5. The next year, the challenge starts all over again!

Running Club Points:

  • Every runner will earn 1 point for their team for completing the race. This means the more runners each group brings out, the more points they score!
  • Every volunteer that a club brings out will earn 1 participation point for their club. This means that if you get injured or are a family member of a runner, you can still help your club! When you register as a volunteer, make sure you indicate that you are volunteering as part of the club.
  • Age Group points will be determined by each individuals place within their age group (overall finishers will be scored within their age group for cup points)
    • 1st place in age group = 20
    • 2nd place in age group = 18
    • 3rd place in age group = 15
    • 4th place in age group = 14
    • 5th place in age group = 13
    • 6th place in age group = 10
    • 7th place in age group = 9
    • 8th place in age group = 8
    • 9th place in age group = 7
    • 10th place in age group = 6
    • 11th – 15th place in age group = 5
    • 16th – 20th place in age group = 2

Club Cup Events

WTF Half Marathon & 5 Mile Saturday, January 21st Gibsonville, NC Northern Trails Marathon and 10 Mile Saturday, March 11th, Greensboro, NC 3.21 Dash for Down Syndrome 5k, Saturday, March, 18th, Greensboro, NC
Pig Pounder 5k, Sunday, April 16th, Greensboro, NC Owls Roost Rumble Half Marathon and 4 Mile, Saturday, April 29th, Greensboro, NC Elm St Run Festival 10 mile, 5k, and 1 mile run or walk, Saturday, May 13th, Greensboro, NC
Greensboro Distilling Speakeasy 5k, Saturday, June 17th, Greensboro, NC Moonlight Bootlegger 5k, Saturday, July 8th, Greensboro, NC Growler Gallop Southend 10k & 5k, Sunday, September 17th, Greensboro, NC
Miles for Matthew 5k, Saturday, September 23rd, Greensboro, NC Triple Lakes Trail Race 40 Mile, Marathon, Half Marathon, Saturday, October 28th, Greensboro, NC
Greensboro Half Marathon and 5k, Saturday November 18th, Greensboro, NC 5 Before the Feast 5k, Thursday, November 23rd, High Point, NC

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