Ways to Pursue Running, Cycling, and Fitness Goals during COVID-19

Races are cancelled or postponed. Gyms are closed for the time being. As race directors, fitness instructors, and so many others are forced to make these tough decisions amidst COVID-19, it can feel difficult to maintain your own training.

We at Trivium Racing have had to make some of these hard choices. We understand it can feel impossible to set goal races or plans when everything seems uncertain.

Looking for ways to inject energy and excitement back into your goals? Here are a few suggestions to stay motivated during these trying times.

Go virtual.

Practice your social distancing while still chasing personal bests. Virtual races like this one are a great way to feel connected with the fitness community and nurse your competitive drive.

In a virtual race, you determine the location and capture your own finishing time. While you may be tackling a race distance solo, you can still earn your medal and track your results against competitors.

Looking for fresh new virtual challenges to reclaim this crazy year? Check out our Take Back 2020 Challenge, which encourages participants to grow their fitness and general well-being. The event even includes some how-to videos from challenge sponsors.

Research local opportunities.

During this pandemic, there are safe and innovative ways to feel connected with the fitness community. In Greensboro, NC, we’re holding weekly solo events for cyclists and runners through the Ante Up Poker Run Challenge.


Participants travel to various locations to acquire playing cards for a poker hand. A better hand equates to a better bonus toward the runner or cyclist’s finishing time. The challenge takes precautions to adhere to COVID-19 best practices, while providing fitness opportunities.

Find a trusted guide.

There are tons of online coaches trained to cater to your fitness goals and abilities. The right coach has the accountability and expertise to take your training to the next level. Not sure if the investment is right for you? Some coaches even offer free consultations.

See anything we missed on this list? Let us know how you’re pursuing fitness goals while following COVID-19 safety guidelines in the comments below.

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