Trivium Triad Running Series

The Trivium Running Series is back again! Join us for 16 races of varying distances and course types, our favorite events in the Triad. If you’re looking for variety, challenge, and great events, we’ve got you covered! This year we will run on road and trail in all seasons, we will complete between 3.1 and 26.2 miles, and we will never be bored with these carefully crafted events. Compete in at least 4 events to be eligible for series awards. We will count your top 6 events towards series points.

2020 Current Series Standings

2020 Series Schedule

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2020 Season Pass

The 2020 Season Pass is now available! You can register for all 16 series events with one easy registration form and one cheap price! There are also two options for a smaller combination of events – The Mega Medal Package , or Just the 5ks Package. The season pass gets you registered for all the races for 20% off the early-bird price of each race with one registration form! Don’t miss this opportunity to set up your running calendar for the year with one simple step. This deal is only available through January 31, 2020 (Platinum package only available through Dec 31st).

Note: The season pass includes the shorter distance for races with more than one distance. You will have the option to upgrade to the longer distance during the registration process for an added fee. If you do not upgrade to the longer distance during season pass registration, you will pay the full difference (non discounted) if you want to switch later.

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 2020 Mega Medal! 

Current Series Standings


  • Athletes must compete in a minimum of four events to qualify for a series award.
  • For series awards, age groups will be based on ten year increments starting 19 and under. Participants will be scored in their age group based on their age at the end of 2019.
  • Points will be given to the top 10 overall male and female finishers at each race, as well as the top 10 in each 10 year age group (meaning some athletes will get points in both categories at each race). Once all races are complete, the overall series winners will be taken out of their respective age groups and those age group results will be re-calculated.
  • Points will start at 500 for first place finishers and decrease by 50 points for each placement. (1st = 500, 2nd = 450, 3rd = 400, etc.)
  • Places 11 – 20 will receive 25 points.
  • Places 21 and up will receive 10 points.
  • For events that have two distances, the longer distance will receive double the regular points.
  • Athletes will be scored based on their BEST 6 finishes (if you win points in more than 6 events, we will take your top 6 scores to decide your finish placement)
  • At the end of the season, if there are ties in an age group or overall standings that affect prizes, two tiebreakers will be used.
    • The first tiebreaker will be head to head performance. The two tied parties’ finish times will be compared where they competed in the same race and the winner of that particular race will be the winner of the tie.
    • If this tiebreaker does not clarify positioning a second tiebreaker, total points across all events, will be implemented.


Overall Top 3 Male and Female Winners:

  • 1st Overall will receive a lifetime free entry to all events in the series the year in which they won!
  • 2nd Overall will receive a free entry into all 2018 series events during the 2019 race season.
  • 3rd Overall will receive four free entries during the 2019 race season.

Top 3 in Each Age Group Series Winners:

  • Awards TBD
2015 Running Series Award Winners
2016 Running Series Award Winners
2017 Running Series Award Winners
2018 Running Series Award Winners
2019 Running Series Award Winners