Second Half of 2020 Outlook & an Option to Get out of Your Registration if Needed

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To our Trivium family:

Hope this message finds you well! We want to do a quick check-in with you, our loyal customers and racing family, about what is going on with Trivium Racing and our upcoming events.

As we hit the mid-point in the year and get closer to our fall events, Trivium Racing is entering a critical planning phase for those races. This is the time when we need to start spending your entry fee to secure several things – shirts, medals, awards, insurance, police, EMS, permits, equipment, staff, volunteers, etc. As we get further into this year, we strongly believe we are getting closer and closer to events happening in some format.

We have been spending most of our time in the last few months continuing to look forward and working with parks, municipalities, and event host locations to try and get an idea of how to safely proceed with our races. For several of these events we have backup plans, and then two or three backup plans for those backup plans in the works. Every day is spent rejiggering and communicating with our partners to get events to happen in the safest way possible. We are confident we will have events in 2020. Many of these races will take place with various modifications, such as wave or time trial starts, course changes to eliminate two-way traffic, removal of post-race festivities, mailing awards instead of having a ceremony, or requiring early packet pickup. But we think racing will happen again soon. We are not in the practice of cancelling events just because things get difficult. Over the last eight years we have cancelled only a few events and usually because we were mandated by a government agency to do so.

Through all of this planning and re-planning we have learned the hard and uncomfortable lesson that event permitting decisions are not being made quickly or early by the powers that be (which is understandable in the current pandemic). That leaves us in the very tough position of not being certain of any particular event’s fate until the eleventh hour. It is difficult to feel good about promoting our events and collecting registrations in this COVID-19 climate. But in order to keep planning and moving forward, we need to get to a place where we can sell our product as usual while being honest with you about the situation. We are a mom-and-pop small business that depends on your registrations to put on high-quality, unique events, give back to our community, and support our family.

Considering everything, Trivium is going back to regular event promotion and price increases, which were temporarily suspended, so that we can keep Trivium Racing around for years to come. If we were to suspend registrations or eliminate price increases, we would not be able to bring in enough revenue to host the caliber of events for which you have come to rely on us.

We also understand that many of you registered for our events and were as blindsided by this pandemic as we were. From today (7/1/2020) through next Thursday (7/9/2020), athletes who are currently registered for any upcoming 2020 Trivium Racing event can request a refund for their registration, less the initial credit card processing fee, for any reason. You will receive your money back and be removed from the event. We hope that you stick with us, and continue to race in the future, but we want to give everyone a chance to start fresh if needed. You are also welcome to keep your registration active and support this local business that is working overtime, to make sure your registration fee is used to put on a great race in whatever conditions are thrown our way.

After 7/9/2020, we will return to our standard event cancellation and refund policies and, if a race is rescheduled or switched to virtual, your registration will automatically revert to that option.

This is a difficult time for so many and we want to make sure you are ok. Our customers are the heart and soul of what we do, and we hope to continue doing what we love with this community!

Thanks for your time, support, and understanding!

Yours through the miles,
Rich and Libby


*Please understand, if you ask for a refund, and then decide to register for the race again at a later date, you will pay whatever the current registration fee is at that time. 

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