Friendly Faces of the 2020 End of the Road Half Marathon Ambassador Team

While 2020 has brought uncertainty to the racing world, one thing is for sure – we’ve received approval for this year’s End of the Road Half Marathon. The race is on!

Racers will experience the beautiful fall colors along the famous abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, some miles of tunnels, and the addition of five friendly faces from this year’s ambassador team.

Thank you all for navigating these uncertain times with us, for your unwavering support, and your excitement surrounding this race. We’ll see you at the End of the Road.

Now let’s meet our enthusiastic ambassadors!

Chris Alexander

  • Location: Brandon, MS
  • Race Section: Virtual race

Chris loves heading out the door to run with her furry, four-legged friend, Nora the Jack Russell Terrier. Chris also has a crew of two-legged friends who will be joining her for a virtual rendition of the End of the Road Half Marathon in Mississippi.

Chris believes that if you’re ready and willing to test your limits, then you’re able. This is the foundation that her website RUNable was built on. RUNable is the online platform where Chris shares local races and events.

Fun fact: Chris hosts a monthly $5 race and donates 100% of the proceeds to various local causes.

Amber Polca

  • Location: Windber, PA
  • Race Section: Saturday morning

Amber loves to run with her husband and their corgi, Callie. Callie has even been nicknames “Fit Corgi” by friends and family.

Last year, Amber set a personal record at our End of the Road Half Marathon by cutting an impressive 14:00 off her previous time. When she’s not training, Amber is serving others as a youth pastor and volunteer high school coach for cross country and track. It is very likely that Amber will celebrate this year’s race with her favorite teaberry ice cream.

Fun fact: Amber received a handwritten letter from a former U.S. President.

Amy Spegele

  • Location: Traverse City, MI
  • Race Section: Saturday morning

Amy is another dog lover on this year’s ambassador team. Just over a year ago, she rescued a dog who is now her #1 running partner. Although Amy has completed three marathons, two Tough Mudder events, and one ultra marathon, the half marathon wins out as her favorite distance.

Amy teaches both yoga and martial arts. She’s also part of a non-profit martial arts school in northern Michigan, which focuses on helping at-risk youth and individuals who have dealt with abuse.

Fun fact: Amy completed 12 half marathons in 10 months!

Lorelei Suehrstedt

  • Location: Bay Village, OH
  • Race Section: Saturday morning

Unofficially known as “Cleveland’s Happiest Runner,” Lorelei brings years of experience to our ambassador team. She has participated in every year of the End of the Road Half Marathon! By the time Lorelei participates in the 2020 event, she will have completed approximately 225 races.

Lorelei owns her own business called Running Stitches, where she creates custom t-shirt quilts, face masks, and various runner accessories.

Fun fact: Lorelei is an Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist (OCVN) and spends free time hiking, reading, and journaling.

Rob Wilson

  • Location: Ottawa Hills, OH
  • Race Section: Saturday morning

Rob is no stranger to Trivium Racing events. His first trail race was the Winter Trail Fest (WTF) Half Marathon in Michigan, where hundreds of racers compete each February on a snowy course with a chilly river crossing!

Rob is a full-time respiratory therapist who enjoys racing sprint triathlons on the weekends. He also completed his first marathon in 2019.

Fun fact: Rob wears an evil elf costume when he participates in his local Christmas 10k.

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