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It’s already February and it’s that time of the week, when we recognize hard working athletes. This week we will speak to Christopher Reed.


Chris is from Cherokee, North Carolina. He’s a member of the Cherokee Runners, and is the President of UNCG’s Running Club, where he studies Hospitality and Tourism Management. Chris has done nine marathons, his most recent being the 2014 Greensboro Marathon in October.

Chris took time out of his long day of tweeting at various marathons for free entries to speak to us.

When did you pick up running?

I started running in April of 2009 at age 20, ran first marathon just six months later, at the Marine Corps Marathon, running 5:13.

Do you have a favorite race?

Probably the Marine Corps Marathon in 2009. They have a Howitzer cannon that fires to start of the race, plus getting the chance to be motivated by marines, and to see some of the landmarks is a big plus.

So, what would you say is your favorite distance?

Probably 13.1 – it’s a good balance of not having to strain your body all day like in a marathon, but not as intense as a 5 or 10k.

Do you have a favorite training route in Greensboro?

Definitely Bur Mil. It’s got the options of running the paved greenway, with the ability to transition to trails that go on for literally dozens of miles. Guilford Courthouse Military Park is a close second. It’s got all of those statues, great scenery, and it’s cool to think that I’m running in a place where general Greene beat Cornwallis.

Do you have a favorite Trivium Racing event?

Yeah, I enjoyed the Greensboro Marathon 2014 edition, 2013 was a little too cold for my taste. I’m really looking forward to the Greensboro Cross Country League coming back this fall though!

How did 2014 go for you?

2014 was busy year, did the Old Town Beer Run in March. Then the Knoxville Marathon that same month. Ran the half at Oak Island in April. In May, I ran the inaugural All American Marathon in Fayetteville, and then finished out the year with the Greensboro Marathon in October.

Any 2015 plans?

I have a knee injury right now, but I’m really looking to pick my training back up hard over the summer and shoot for the Greensboro Marathon in October. Hopefully that’ll be my tenth marathon.

So, we got to hear about your favorite race. What about your best race?

I’d say the Asheville Turkey Trot. It was a great loop course that ended an old race track. But what the volunteers didn’t seem to know was that you had to do a lap on the track before hitting the finish chute. So I went ahead and finished in the glorious time of 21:34, first in my age group (which was really nice). Once I got the award and heard the time, I realized I cut off about 3/4 mile. But since so many people made that mistake, they didn’t disqualify me, and gave me the gift card and a trophy anyways.

Hey, it just goes to show you that cheating always pays off! So what’s the least amount you have trained for a marathon?

Ah, that would be my second Knoxville Marathon, 2012 I believe it was. I’d started running from a period of no training only about 2 weeks before the race. My longest run in that time was 8 miles, or about 90 minutes. It was because I’d originally planned to do the 5k, but my step dad talked me into doing the full marathon the night before. I specifically remember him telling me I’d “get all the glory” if I went ahead with the full.

Ouch! How did it go?

Well, I came in about 5:49 that year. It hurt more than others… obviously *laughs*, but I didn’t incur any injuries, just muscle soreness for a couple weeks. My mom did, however, think that my heart was going to explode.

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