A Local Favorite

by Richard Swor

The Trivium Running Series kicks off in a little over a month with a unique event, The Lakeside 15 and 8 Mile Trail Race.  The first thing that makes this event unique is that, while it is part of the Trivium Running Series, we have very little to do with it. The event is put on completely by John Doggett, a local lover of running and a great race director. This has always been one of my favorite races to compete in and we are excited that John would want this race to be the kickoff each year to Trivium’s series.

Lakeside Photo

What I love about this race is that, while the race has great attention to detail like a small-town friendly race, the event is still handled in a very professional manner. The run has awesome swag (warm sweatshirts), cool prizes, and great post race food.

The masochist in me loves this race because while I have run it in great weather twice, the middle year we raced on trails that could more accurately be referred to as rivers and streams. It was the most difficult and fulfilling event I have ever done.  In previous years, at multiple different races I have had the joy of recounting that adventure with others who participated in it. In January you can’t predict what weather you are going to have, so the athletes signing up are the ones who really love trails and love to compete!

Keeping with the unique theme, lets take a look at the distance. Most people are almost guaranteed a PR on January 9th.  How many of you regularly race 15 miles or 8 miles? Not many!  That means you could stop and have a picnic (not recommended because you’re going to eat well at the finish) and still set a personal record!

Either way you cut it this is a great way to start out the season!  Come on out and, if I can get my butt in gear, I will be celebrating another finish in 2016 with you!

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