The Trivium Multisport Series Kicks off in February of 2016

The Trivium Multisport Series is back again for 2016!  We will bring you all of your favorite multisport events in the area in one great series. If you are new to the series, this is a fantastic way to sharpen your multisport skills with races of varying distances and terrains. We start the season off with 3 winter/spring duathlons to get you back in shape for tri season. We will work our way back into the water with a pool-swim triathlon before heading to the open water for five great lake swim events. The season draws to a close with an all-comers event that invites you to compete in the division that best suits your skill level and celebrate the multisport life. Complete at least four of the events in the series and qualify to win one of our excellent series awards! Check out the series details and list of events here.

If you want an easy way to plan ahead for your race season in 2016, consider purchasing the Multisport Season Pass (only available through December 26th!). You will automatically be registered for all 9 events in the series at 20% off the lowest price of each race. We’ve taken the hard work of planning your race schedule off your hands and given you one easy decision to make! Register now.

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