1st Race of the New Year!

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For a while now, Libby and I have been going for hikes with Cadence on beautiful trails north of NC 150. The best part about the hikes were how quiet and peaceful they were. Every time we mentioned Haw River State Park, no one had ever been there. I guess we can’t keep this beautiful park to ourselves anymore. As of January 1st the secret will be out!!

Haw River State Park is opening up a BRAND NEW portion of the park with a never before hiked 5K trail! You can be the first person (if you’re fast) from the public to run these trails! This is a great way to spend your New Years Day! Besides the awesome finisher’s hiking medallion, and the chance to be one of the first people on these gorgeous new trails, we love 100th-anniversary-hiking-medallion-5the fact that┬áthis is an afternoon event! That means stay up late on New Year’s Eve, enjoy a few beverages with friends, and still have time for a nap before you have to rally at the start line.

Trivium Racing will be out there helping get the course setup as well as providing timing and results. We would love to celebrate the start of a great 2016 racing season with you!

More details about the race and registration can be found here.

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