A Letter to Those Thinking of Racing Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:

Dear Reader,

Don’t do this to yourself. Seriously, your local Race Director has gone mad…Let’s take a look at the crazy runner checklist and see where we stand:


This one is going to be unpredictable in the best way. Mid February? Hello crazy NC weather! Even though the race starts midday this could be a cold one. That being said, cold might be good. If it’s raining, you might rather have it be snow…


Trails, trails, and more trails! These are some of the best trails in Guilford County. But still, if you want to say I have finished a half marathon, this isn’t the easy way to do it. Less than four miles into the race you have to choose between rock jumping or fording across the stream. WHAT?!  While you’re crossing said stream, keep in mind you will have to do it again to get back home!!

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February 27th would be a great day to run a mile and keep your winter running streak going. Or heck, you could go crazy and do a 5K. Why in the world would you go to all that trouble to run 13.1 miles count them 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10….don’t stop counting now…..11,12,13….13.1 miles at the end of winter.


This race is aptly named. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot …WTF? The race director says the name came from the Foxtrot Trail that you have to rockhop to get to, but there just might be multiple meanings to this one.

So in the end what are you going to get for all your pain and suffering? Well, dear reader, I am glad you asked. All finishers will get the first medal in the Trivium Mega Medal Series (five medals that will all connect to create one giant medal).  You will also get a WTF 13.1 bumper sticker, a long sleeved tech-hoodie, great post-race food, and points towards The Trivium Running Series Championship. But most importantly – a chance to say WTF WAS exactly what you were thinking on February 27th, 2016!

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Check out the details.

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