JDRF 5k – Giving Hope to Others

Guest Post by Tracy Cooper with the Pleasant Garden JDRF 5k

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin.  There is a high concentration of T1D in Guilford County impacting individuals and families. But what is it like to live a life impacted by T1D? Here is a testimonial from someone who has managed this disease for 17 years.

“T1D is a 24/7 condition. No break, no down time, no vacation. This is something you have to manage every hour and minute of the day. Type 1 Diabetics are constantly planning their day, their food, their exercise intake, their stress level and their sleep.  Each activity is measured to see how it will affect blood sugar and how it can be controlled with insulin intake.

In my lifetime I have taken over 60,750 injections and 64,180 finger pricks. My regimen has changed drastically over the years. Thanks to JDRF, the money raised has made this disease more controllable and there are so many devices that help me to take control of this condition. At this moment I wear two devices on my body. My insulin pump, the Omnipod, and my Dexcom sensor. My lifeline is the drug Humalog, which is a fast acting insulin.

My Omnipod is filled with insulin and I determine how much insulin I will get based on my blood sugar. I change my pod every three days. I also take about 3 blood sugar checks a day to calibrate my Dexcom. I look at my Dexcom constantly. If I were to guess I would say once every 10 minutes. I am using that more than my iPhone.

And you think it stops when I go to sleep? You are wrong. If my blood sugar goes higher than 150 or lower than 65 my Dexcom will let me know….LOUDLY! Which is great. It helps me know I need to take action .Although I feel that I am totally capable of handling this, it is a lot of work. I make it a goal to not be a slave to my Dexcom or my blood sugars, but who am I kidding… I am. Blood sugars affect your mood, your thoughts, and your actions. I know if I do a great job of taking care of myself I am able to do more things and do those things efficiently and to my best ability.”

So join us on Saturday, May 7 in Pleasant Garden for the JDRF 5K and 1 Mile Walk.  This is a popular and unique event featuring a scenic course over rolling hills, a lead ride out from The Freedom Bikers, a family fun zone to entertain the kids and entertainment from dance, cheerleading and jump rope teams.

A portion of the registration fees benefit the Piedmont Triad Chapter of JDRF. While the ultimate goal is to cure type 1 diabetes, the Piedmont Triad Chapter of JDRF also dedicates resources to an ongoing stream of life-changing therapies and support groups that help the many people in Guilford County manage this lifelong disease. Please help JDRF help those in need.

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