Grandover Duathlon Review

March 21st heralded the final duathlon of the Trivium Multisport Series. Bringing out just under 100 participants to run, bike, then run around the gorgeous, low-trafficked roads surrounding Grandover Parkway. Grandover was also the longest of Trivium’s duathons, with 4-mile runs on either end of a 20 mile bike ride.

The top 3 overall finishers fought the entire race, with places switching between every transition. Eventually, however, the startfigure of Colin Kalescky was seen ascending the final hill, into the view of spectators and the coveted finish arch. Suddenly, gasps broke out amongst spectators, as a short way behind, appeared Michael Starkey, who was determined to fight to the finish. Colin took the victory with Michael in second, and Glen Thompson rounded out the top 3 male finishers. Final times for the three were 1:32:54, 1:33:07, and 1:35:35.9, respectively.

Top overall female finishers were slightly more spread out than the male field, with approximately eight minutes separating overall female winner Kate Buss from 2nd place, Lisa Hecker. Lisa battled with a strong final running leg to grab the silver from Jordan McAmmond who brought in a strong 3rd place finish for the women. Times for the three were 1:45:29.95, 1:54:49.58, 1:58:10.92, respectively.

Despite the ferocity of the competition, all finishers gleefully shook hands and shared post-race food and drink at the awards ceremony. The Grandover Duathlon also saw the introduction of a new Trivium celebration tool: The PR Gong! Those who achieve personal goals can now celebrate with a satisfying swing at the gong and bask in the long reverberation of their glory. In addition, Trivium had the support of Garner’s Florist, who provided African Violets and Irish Shamrocks for finisher’s awards.

The Grandover Duathlon was the 3rd race in the Trivium Multisport Series. Next on the list, athletes will be hitting the pool for the Series’ first triathlon: the All-America City Sprint Tri on April 25th, in Thomasville. The All-America City Sprint Triathlon is a charity event to support Thomasville’s All-America City projects, which include: NC Memorial Day Parade & Ceremony, Children@Play, and Project Divine Interruption.

Check out overall and age group results, pictures, and series standings.

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