Best Post-Run Beers

Running and beer seem to go hand in hand. There is something refreshing about pouring a delicious cold beer to enjoy after a sweaty workout. Pub runs go as far back as 19381, because people like to run together and then partake in a cold one. Many races, such as our favorites Pig Pounder 5K, Growler Gallop Atwater 10 Miler and 5K, and Greensboro Growler Gallop 10K and 5K take place where athletes run and then drink beer.  There is even some research that a beer after a run can have health benefits, such as reduced inflammation and an improved immune system2.  At Trivium Racing, we have done extensive research into our favorite beers to enjoy after a run. 

Here is our list of the best post-run beers…

1. Pig Pounder’s Bohemian Boar

This pilsner is light, smooth and refreshing, but don’t think that it tastes like Bud Light. This beer has some flavor with notes like delicious fresh baked bread. Perfect for after those hot, sweaty runs. Pig Pounder is from North Carolina.

2022’s Pig Pounder 5K award winners.

2. Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

This English style porter is a bit darker than the other beers on this list, but just as drinkable after a long run. The mellow profile and delicious vanilla notes makes it a favorite for after a trail run or during those cold winter runs. Atwater Brewery beers are brewed in Detroit, Michigan.

Running clubs setup at 2021’s Growler Gallop Atwater 10 Mile & 5K.

3. SouthEnd Intrepid Goat

This IPA will give you the hops you crave after a run. The bold aroma and flavor make it the perfect beer for after an adventure. SouthEnd Brewery beers are from North Carolina.

4. Magic Hat #9

This apricot beer is fruity and delicious. A perfect refreshing beverage to have after a long run, this pale ale is easy to drink. Magic Hat is from Vermont.

5. Pigeon Hill Beach, Please

This beer is perfect for after a speedwork session. The clean, crisp and delicately-balanced ale has a subtle hop flavor to make it a fan favorite. Pigeon Hill is from Michigan.

6. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

This pale ale is heavy on the hops and has a citrus and pine aroma. We like this beer after a weeknight easy run. Sierra Nevada is from Colorado. 

7. Sam Adams 26.2 Brew

This beer was made in partnership for the Boston Marathon. The 26.2 Brew has coriander and sea salt for a delicious tart beer. We enjoy this beer after a long distance run. Sam Adams is from Massachusetts.  

8. Athletic Brewing’s Into the Dark

This nutty concoction is great. Plus, this beer is non-alcoholic, so you can get all of the potential health benefits without worrying about a post-run beer hangover. Plus, this is a good option for pregnant women or those who cannot consume alcohol.

Trivium Racing’s Beer-Themed Events

Now that you have the list of the best post-run beers, join us for some of our annual events in Michigan and North Carolina. All races also offer non-alcoholic drink options! Click an event title below to learn more…


Greensboro’s Pig Pounder 5K at Pig Pounder Brewery


Moonlight Bootlegger 5K in Northville, Michigan. Celebrate post-race with moonshine cocktails rather than beer!


Greensboro Distilling Speakeasy 5K: Post-race cocktails are made with the award-winning alcohol from Fainting Goat Spirits. 


Greensboro’s Moonlight Bootlegger 5K: Celebrate post-race with moonshine cocktails rather than beer!


Greensboro’s Growler Gallop 5K & 10K at SouthEnd Brewing Co

Growler Gallop 10 Mile & 5K at Atwater Brewery in Detroit, Michigan

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