One Song, Glory….

A few years ago, I attempted to come out of “racing retirement” after several years of getting into shape, and getting out of shape. My focus for the better part of a decade had been on running my business, and having a family.  When I quit racing seriously, I was burned out, overwhelmed, and just thought I was to old to accomplish my goals.  Oddly enough about 10 years later I got the itch to try racing again.  Not triathlons, but to throw my hat into the ring as a runner. 

I tried doing this quietly, on my own for several reasons.  One, I wasn’t sure it would work out.  Business was as busy as ever, and I had never seriously trained while being a parent.  I could have easily decided it wasn’t worth the hassle as quickly as I had decided to start racing again.  Secondly, I never did well under pressure.  When I had sponsors, or was racing as a “pro” triathlete, I felt obligated to do well.  If no one knew my goals, no pressure. I didn’t want to be a cliché athlete force feeding people info about me running a marathon.  (and I am sure there were other subconscious reasons)

Up until very close to Houston 2020, only a few people knew I was seriously training.  And I hated it.  I don’t do well solo.  I LOVE partnering with people on things, sharing experiences with other people, being a part of something bigger.  I started Trivium with a partner.  I wouldn’t have done it solo.  All of my best work in ever aspect is when I jump in with someone else and get to share the excitement, the stress, the pain, the love, and the comedy that ensues with them! 

I hit my best training, and half marathon PR in 2021, and was a few days away from a marathon PR before I got injured.  It has taken me from the fall of 2021, until right now to really get back physically, and mentally to the point where I could say, “yes, one more shot”.  I hired a coach (she is an absolute pain in the ass, but she keeps me honest and knows her stuff), I made the mental decision to sacrifice other “stuff” for this goal (honestly, for me one of the most important things.  I need to make a pact with myself to buy in to doing this whole hog).  The last thing I needed to do was to find my “partner” so I wasn’t doing this solo.  I think that is going to be my key.

So, that is what THIS is.  I am doing this with my racing family, my team, my partners.  I am not doing this solo.  You all, just by reading, commenting, laughing, berating, and encouraging me, will be the difference between me reaching my goal, or falling short. (no pressure, honestly).  Your involvement will be crucial to my success, or our success as I am viewing it.  

The caveat is, you my also hang on and watch me fail, miserably.  That is the way this stuff does.  With very specific goals, you can be literally 1 second difference between absolute success and abject failure.  I will be updating this regularly( or as regularly as I can) and sharing it on social media, on my personal FB page, and also on Trivium’s (You will need to humor me, I might as well add some intriguing content to my business account if I am going to spend the time typing this anyways. 

So here it is. Richard’s Goals As He Heads “Over the Hill”.  I will share the simple version here, and use another post to get into the nitty gritty.  Goal: OQT 2:18 or better before the end of 2023, for the opportunity to run in the Olympic Trials as a 40 year old…..Fuck, now its out there and there are no take’s back’s….Come along for the journey, and help me by sharing your journey for 2023 as well!

“Find, one song, one last refrain, Glory. One song, Glory, one song”

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