October 3rd Triathlon Events Cancelled Due to Weather

We want to say thanks to everyone for sticking with us through the changing weather conditions leading up to the race this Saturday. Despite our continued preparations and prayers that Mother Nature would cooperate, the Governor of NC has declared a state of emergency and the City of Greensboro has cancelled all events for this weekend due to the forecasted inclement weather.

Here is the official statement from the police department:

“Given the information we have at this point from the NWS, North Carolina Emergency Management and Guilford County Emergency Management, the Commanding Officer of the Special Operations Division has made the decision to close the course for the Women’s Only 5k and the Triathlon event in the interest of safety of all involved. We anticipate that we will have a severe weather event and we don’t want to put any individuals at risk. We feel it’s prudent to close the course and not allow any event to take place on the streets. Our resources (officers and traffic control devices) will be needed in other areas to handle weather related incidents.”

This also applies to the MACTC draft-legal triathlon scheduled for the afternoon. Here is the statement from USAT regarding that event:

“Due to the escalated weather forecast for Hurricane Joaquin in the Greensboro, North Carolina, area, the decision has been made to cancel the 2015 Women’s Collegiate Triathlon East Regional Qualifier. With severe weather anticipated over the weekend, local authorities and safety personnel are needed in other areas in the city. These factors impact our ability to host a safe event for participants of the MACTC Draft-Legal Festival.

As a result of this cancellation, USA Triathlon will grant women registered for the East Regional Qualifier an invitation to the 2015 Women’s Collegiate Triathlon National Championship on Nov. 7 in Clermont, Florida. As our policy states, no refunds will be issued. For more information on invitations for the national championship event, contact Jess Luscinski at jess.luscinski@usatriathlon.org.”

Because of the nature of this cancellation, we will be unable to make any refunds for this event. Trivium Racing has already incurred the costs of the event, regardless of the current status. We will still host packet pick-up at the regularly scheduled time (4-7pm Friday) if you would like to pick up your shirt. In an effort to try to soften the blow of this cancellation, we will set up a special discounted registration that will only be available to you when registration opens for the 2016 event. Since this was scheduled to be the championship event of the 2015 Trivium Multisport Series, we will be adjusting the series so that anyone who participated in at least three events will be eligible for series points.

Thanks for understanding and stay safe this weekend.

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