How a Proper Bike Fit Can Make a Pro

guest post from Coach Matt Clancy, E3 Endurance

This year is my 15th fitting cyclists not because it’s part of my job, but because I got a bad fit 20 years ago and it almost ended my multi-sport career.

After running a few marathons in college, I decided I wanted to race triathlon.  So I moved to southern California, the mecca of multi-sport.  I went to “the” bike shop bike fit photoand they put me on a fit-bike to find my perfect size.  I went all-in on a triathlon bike that I could not afford, and it was awesome, I thought.  I raced for four seasons out west.  I was young, strong, fit and had more time to train than I knew what to do with.  But I wasn’t getting any faster.  I was only able to crack Top-5 in my age group once over that time, and I could barely finish an Ironman. I figured the sport was just not meant for me so I left it.

A year later, I moved back to DC and fell into a job working for a multi-sport bike shop where we measured athlete bodies and built bikes up to fit them.  I learned a ton about bikes and athletes and how they work together.  I also learned how my bike was way too big for me.  I made some major modifications to make it ride-able, and it helped, but ultimately I had to go to a bike that actually fit.

Long story short; within a year and a half of getting on the proper-sized bike, I was bike trainer photowinning races with the top bike split.  Oh, and I earned my pro-card in the process.  The following four years I was getting my tail kicked by Macca, Potts, Crowie and Kemper; loving every minute.  I kept getting faster on the bike, winning a few state time trials and setting a track record in the process.  But the interesting thing was that my run, off the bike, was improving, too!

I tell people my story not because getting a proper bike fit will make them the next Javier Gomez or Miranda Carfrae.  I tell it because if that is truly your potential, a bad bike fit will keep you from it!

At E3 Endurance, our 2 hour fit process begins with a full bio-mechanic retul logoassessment of the athlete’s movements.  We check physical strengths and limitations that will determine what positions are possible.  Athletes can then witness how they ride in 3-D, using the Retul Dynamic Fit System, as well as see how the changes to their position improve their comfort, efficiency and output.

So, come by and see us and get set up to have your fastest year on, and off, the bike.  Thanks for supporting all the Trivium Racing Series, and I look forward to competing with you this year!

Matthew Clancy
Bike Fit Professional at

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