Take Back 2020 Challenge


Can’t get my regular training in. Don’t have a goal race on the calendar anymore. Miss my running buddies. Can’t remember what day of the week it is. Resorted to eating hot dogs and cereal because I’m tired of cooking. Don’t know what to do with these restless legs/arms/brain cells.

Sound familiar?

Let’s Take Back 2020!

Just because life has been completely upended lately doesn’t mean we should give up all hope. We will get through this and life as we knew it (ok, maybe with a few changes) will return, but in the meantime, let’s do something to take back control of our lives and our training! You know, that whole thing about life giving you lemons…

So the Take Back 2020 Challenge is a 30 day personal challenge to stretch you physically, mentally, and socially. In the end, these activities will give you some control over your daily well-being, keep you on track for your long-term goals, and hopefully teach you something new! We encourage you to explore each category of the Challenge: Breathe, Empower, Adapt, Strengthen, Transform.

Participants will receive a Bingo card on April 15th that has workouts and other challenges from the five categories. Each activity has multiple options, so you can tailor each challenge to your ability level! Once you get a bingo you will receive the awesome puzzle slider medal (see below) and be entered into our raffles. But the fun continues from there – the more challenges you complete after your bingo, the more entries you earn into the raffle at the end of the month! Starting on April 15th through May 15th, we are going to be working with you to Take Back 2020. Throughout the, month we will have guest partners providing videos and other content to help you with some of the activities. We will also keep each other motivated and on track on our Facebook page!


When and Where

Event date to be determined.

Wherever You Are , NC

Schedule of Events

Registrations will be allowed through April 20th.  All activities must be completed by May 15th.  Medals will be shipped out and delivered by the end of May! The raffle will happen on May 15th and those awards will be sent out by the end of May as well.


Entry Fees

This 30 day challenge costs $40 for participants.


What You Get With Your Registration

  • Bingo card with 25 challenges centered around fitness and well-being
  • 25 challenges with three different levels of intensity
  • General workout explanations
  • Accompanying fitness videos from our partners
  • Finishers medal to commemorate your bingo!


Rules & Guidelines


1) Do I need to start today (4/15/2020)?  No, we will do a few different shipments of medals into June.  Start on a convenient day for you.  We are asking everyone at this point who have already registered to have this completed no later than June 10th.
2) Who picks my Bingo squares? You do!  Do any of the challenges that you want to attempt!
3) If I do a challenge at the third level, do I have to do them all at that level? Absolutely not.  For example, I am going to work at yoga, but I am awful.  I will most likely do the basic on this one.  I however, am really intrigued by 100 push-ups for 30 days. So I will be doing the highest level on this one!
4) Cutting the cord and posting stuff are both options, but they contradict each other. How can I achieve both?  First, you can choose to do these not at the hardest challenge option.  But you can also cut the cord by not using streaming TV.  For sending encouraging messages you can also choose to use texts, letters or other non social media forms if you want to adhere to the strictest challenges.  This is one of those things where you need to decide which goal is most important to you, and customize this challenge to your strengths and goals!
5) I would like to print out this packet but it will utilize to much color. Any help?  We have created  low color option.  While not color free, it drastically reduces the ink usage.  Email Jen@triviumracing.com if you would like this.
6) Do I need to print and physically mark my bingo card? Printing and marking the bingo card is completely optional.  I personally love checking off tasks, so for me marking the bingo card will be really fulfilling!
7) Do I need to share each challenge result with you or do I contact you when I receive a bingo?
To be entered into the May 15th raffle, post in our social media group or email us when you have completed a bingo.  We would still love for you to share your journey with us as you complete each challenge, but it is not required for the raffle or medal.
8) Can I complete more than one square a day?
Absolutely! Go Crazy!!!