Come Meet Foundation Chiropractic’s Dr. Zach

Foundation Chiropractic is a structural correction chiropractic office located in Ann Arbor, MI and is owned and operated by Dr. Zachary Simkins. Unlike traditional chiropractic offices whose main focus is typically aimed at alleviating symptoms, Dr. Zach draws on his background in Biomechanics and experiences as an ex-professional athlete (rugby) to create custom solutions for the primary structural shifts that are often the cause of your symptoms. This approach may involve corrective exercises, in house stretching protocols, traction and other complimentary recommendations aimed at addressing the primary condition.

Dr. Zach has several areas of focus in his practice and the treatment of athletes ranks at the top. Transitioning from being a player himself to coaching of the University of Michigan Rugby team, he has seen his fair share of ankles, knees and shoulder dysfunctions in addition to spinal related dysfunction and postural abnormalities. Dr. Zach appreciates the mindset of active people because whether they are recreational, professional or somewhere in between, active people tend to understand the importance of staying ahead of injury and are ready to put in the work required to be at the top of their game.

Foundation Chiropractic has partnered with Trivium to be on staff during our Moonlight Bootlegger 5k in Northville, MI and The Mother of All Beer Miles in Detroit, MI so be sure to stop by their tent to get patched up, stretched out or bounce some questions off of them. They are also scheduling complimentary consultations ahead of their open date later this month. If you would like to have a conversation (not a sales pitch!) about your body, you can email the office at foundationchiromi@gmail, visit the website at or call the office at 734.418.8177.


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