Triad Mega Medal Events

2020 Mega Medal Series

In 2015 we introduced the Mega Medal Series, and it has been going strong since then.  In 2020 we have a brand new and even more amazing mega medal for you to create!    If you complete all events in the Mega Medal, they will connect all together into one giant  medal! The medals together will form a daisy for this years race. And keeping with the natural vintage theme, the 6 petal medals will be made of wood. The big medallion medal in the middle (Greensboro Half Marathon and 5k) will be made of metal and will have connection spots for each of the other race medals!

The medal events will be a part of the Trivium Triad Running Series.  You can score points individually and for your club or corporation.  Accumulate points for end of season prizes!  Click here for more details

How It Works:  If you complete all the races included in the Mega Medal, your medals will magnetically connect to one another to form one giant Greensboro!

2020 Mega Medal Series Events: