Race the Bar Series



race_the_bar_logo_bottle_cap_5kApril 23, 2017: 5k at Pig Pounder Brewery

race_the_bar_logo_bottle_cap_8kMay 21, 2017: 8k and 5k at Lindley Park Neighborhood

Bonus! May 26th, 2017: Greensboro Distilling Bootlegger 5k

race_the_bar_logo_bottle_cap_10kAugust 27, 2017: 10k and 5k Growler Gallop at Gibb’s Hundred

race_the_bar_logo_bottle_cap_10mOctober 1, 2017: 10 Mile and 5 Mile at Preyer Brewing Company

race_the_bar_logo_bottle_cap_textNovember 19, 2017: Race the Bar Crawl – We choose the bars, you choose the route! A celebration of the Series, but no points towards series awards for this one.

Current Series Standings

Season Pass:

The 2017 Season Pass is now sold out. Stay tuned for details on a 2018 pass in November!

Race the Bar Series Rules:

  • Athletes must compete in a minimum of three events to qualify for a series award.
  • Athletes will be awarded points based on their place within their own ten year age group for the event as well as overall placing.
  • For series awards, age groups will be based on your age at the end of the year and will be split on ten year increments starting 19 and under. Awards will be given to the top three males and females in each age group.
  • Points will be given to the top 10 overall at each race to go towards overall series points, as well as the top 10 in each age group to go towards age group series points (meaning some athletes will get points in both categories at each race). Points will start at 500 for first place finishers and decrease by 50 points for each placement. (1st = 500, 2nd = 450, 3rd = 400, etc.)
  • Places 11 – 20 will receive 25 points.
  • Places 21 and up will receive 10 points.
  • Each event will increase in distance. This increase in distance will also lead to an increase in the value of points in the race. For Example:
    • 5k or 5 Mile distance first place: 500 points
    • 8k distance first place: 550 points
    • 10k distance first place: 600 points
    • 10 Mile distance first place: 650 points
  • Athletes will score in each event they place in. This means doing more events will affect your chances of placing within your age group for the series.
  • At the end of the season, if there are ties in an age group or overall that affect prizes two tiebreakers will be used.
    • The first tiebreaker will be head to head performance – The individual race finishing placement of the two tied parties will be compared and how they scored against each other when competing in the same race will determine the winner.
    • If this tiebreaker does not clarify positioning, a second tiebreaker will be implemented – Total time for all events that the two tied parties both competed in. The individual with the lowest total time will win.


Overall top three in the series (male and female) will receive:

  • 1st Overall will receive a lifetime free entry to all events that were part of the series the year in which they won!
  • 2nd Overall will receive a free entry into all 2017 series events that are held again during the 2018 race season.
  • 3rd Overall will receive two free entries to their choice of any of the 2017 events that are held again during the 2018 race season.

Age Group Awards:

  • Age groups awards will be given to the top three in each 10 year age bracket. These awards will be given out at our awards banquet in January at Gibb’s Hundred Brewery.

Finishers Prizes:

For years Race the Bar has been stocking your cupboards with finishers glasses but leaving rings on your table.  NO MORE!  This year our finishers prizes will be coloring book coasters complete with colored pencils!  If you complete all five events you will also receive a custom coaster holder at the end of season party!

2015 Series Award Winners
2016 Series Award Winners